2018 Wedding Colours

Hi beautiful brides to be!! I’ve been excitedly researching wedding colours for 2018 and thought I would do a blog post and share my  makeup ideas that’ll tie in beautifully with the latest colour trends . I want all my brides to look breathtakingly stunning and to feel amazing and confident on their special day.

Dusty Pink


One of the most popular colours I have seen running through the trends is dusty pink. This gorgeous shade of pink is such a romantic colour which will go beautifully with green,white/cream and lavender for a dreamy look or team it up with grey’s and navy blue.

Make up wise I can picture either a fresh dewy natural look with neutral colours on the eyes and flushed cheeks with a pretty lip or go for a dreamy look and use greys and taupes eyeshadows with a natural lip. It obviously depends on the brides skin tone and her own personal style for her dream day.

Black, gold and white


So black, gold and white is in, it’s definitely more of a unique and elegant look but if you are after something different then this may be for you. I think the gold adds a touch of colour and gives the look some sparkle.

Make up wise, I think you need to keep with the elegance, so wow your audience and go for golds on the lids and smoke it up with some dark brown on the outer corners or go for a polished vintage look with black liner and a bold lip. I think it’s important that the bride’s make up doesn’t get lost in this look, I know black and white is classic but I feel she will need a bit of ooh la la so I would advise not to have anything too natural looking.

Give me something blue


Shades of blue are in this year, I am seeing Navy being used in a lot of colour combinations. That doesn’t mean you have to have blue eyeshadow! Though a little navy blue smudged into a lash line or blended in to the outer corner of an eye is gorgeous but maybe leave that for the bridesmaids if the thought of blue eyeshadow makes you think of Cyndi Lauper.

I love colours to compliment each other, if I was using a royal or navy within my wedding theme I would choose bright orange, yellow or pink flowers for a spring or summer wedding. Burgundy, navy and gold would look gorgeous for a winter/autumn wedding. If I was using paler and dusty blues I would go for greys, lavenders and soft shades of purple or you may want to look dazzling and go for peachy colours.

Make up wise, you could choose  a blue toned pink lippie or soft pinks/lavenders on the eyes. Coppers and golds would look divine and really compliment bolder blues. Or go for a fresh natural rolling around in the hay look with rosy cheeks!



We are going to see purple everywhere this year and the colour of the year is ‘ultra violet’! I love purple and am excited this is going to be the most popular shade, I may be biased though because purple was one of my wedding colours. Lavender is also going to be very popular, actually the 2 colours of ultra violet and lavender used together would look gorgeous. Pinks, whites, greens and purples have a such a romantic and dreamy look when used together. Or if you fancy bright and fun then go for bold oranges and Pinks, it’ll make the purple pop.

I’m picturing gorgeous glowing skin with a grey purpley toned eyeshadow or to look seriously eye catching go for golds or silver/grey smokey eyes. You may want to be unique and go for purple on the eyes, why not, you can still look jaw dropping with a little bit of colour. It just needs to be applied in the right way.

That’s it from me lovely brides to be!

If you’d like to make a booking for a trial or have any questions then please email or call, I would love to hear from you! x


I used the pictures above for idea purposes only, they are not my own work.