Hi there, my name is Rosie, I’ve been a make-up artist for 9 years and I love using my skills to help women feel and look amazing. My personal mantra is that `true beauty shines from the love in your heart’, when we love ourselves we shine brightly, and I believe makeup should not be a mask, it should be used to enhance your beautiful features and help you feel like a strong and confident lady that can take on anything! As a feminist, I conform to the ideals of women having whichever look they want on a particular day, we do not have to conform to stereotypes. I see makeup as a form of self-expression, of creativity and wonderfully transformative.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved anything colourful and delighted in being out in nature. There is so much beauty and inspiration on this planet, which led me to spontaneously decide to travel the world, when I was only 18 years old. Experiencing different cultures with all the different colours used in clothes, makeup and the hues found in nature set me along the yellow brick road towards becoming a make-up artist. Well….loving colour combined with being creative and a complete empath and really loving people, seemed to point to one direction to me……makeup artistry!


I studied make up at college and then went on to work for Estee Lauder where I received a huge amount of experience. Alongside Estee lauder I worked on a lot of fashion shoots, which was where I developed my creative side. I’ve worked for a BBC kids series “Marrying mum and dad” which was a lot of fun. I keep evolving my skills and spend time researching and learning the latest techniques and trends.


My life changed dramatically when I chose to become a Mum and now have two wonderful and very cheeky children who are my pride and joy! I completely understand and can totally relate to mums who are feeling tired and worn out but have a desire to feel refreshed and beautiful and are limited with time, even getting to the shops can be a major expedition! Being a parent has added a new depth to my understanding of women. I now provide vlogs on Facebook for my clients and have tried to keep the tone light and fun as well as prompting people to ask questions and to feel inspired. My aim is to be transparent, real and approachable. I really want people to have fun with makeup!


In the last few years my interest and use of natural and organic beauty has increased dramatically. I think it’s so much better for our health as the products don’t contain the toxins and harsh chemicals that mainstream beauty products contain. Our skin is our biggest organ and we should be as conscious of what we put on our skin in the same way as being careful with what we put in our bodies. There are so many amazing brands and beautiful products out there, I would love to encourage more people to change to natural beauty products and I will slowly be introducing them in to my kit, keep an eye out for reviews on my blog.