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Clean Beauty Co beauty serum workshop

I was hunting for natural skin care on the net one rainy afternoon and stumbled across Clean Beauty Co’s website. As soon as I read some of their blog posts and what their company was about I was hooked. Elsie and Dominika have always had a love for fitness and wellness, and started off writing a blog in 2014 about how to make your own natural beauty recipes from products you have in your kitchen cupboards. They now have their own line of yummy natural products and hold amazing workshops teaching you how to make your own serums and skin... View Article

How to get your skin in to tip top condition for your wedding day.

Every bride wants to look fabulous with flawless glowing skin on their wedding day and the best way to achieve that beautiful glow is to start from the inside out. I’ve put together a list for you lovely lot to start you off on your skin care journey.   WATER I can’t stress enough how important water is for your skin and body. If you’re hydrated your skin can look clearer and plumper and make up will glide on a lot easier. It can help to balance your skin too. Try swapping your coffee/teas/ fizzy drinks for herbal teas and... View Article

Favourite Winter Moisturisers

I absolutely love skin care, especially when it’s full of skin loving ingredients and doesn’t contain all the nasty chemicals such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oil and the list could go on. I go through moisturisers like wild fire and rarely stick to the same one one month after the other because there are quite simply so many lovely lotions to try!! I do have my favourites though that I know I can rely on to nourish and love my skin if I haven’t had time to look for a newbie. I thought I would... View Article