2019 Wedding trends

Hello Hello Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is having fun with their new year resolutions 😉 I didn’t set any this year, so instead I just wrote a list of the all crap things I wanted to get rid of and burnt it and then another list of all the things I want to welcome in 2019. I realised I hadn’t written a blog since June! So I thought I would start the year off writing about some of the weddings trends you are expected to see in 2019, so without further delay, here we are… DRESSES When the... View Article

Why I prefer natural and organic products

Hi beauties I said that I would do a blog post about why I want to change over to the green side of beauty so here we are…. I’ve been interested in natural and organic products for a few years now but have only really been using it on myself rather than adding them to my make up kit. It’s only been since last year that I feel that I want to change my kit over, the green world is booming now and there is so much brilliant skin loving make up and skincare to get your hands on. I... View Article

2018 Wedding Colours

Hi beautiful brides to be!! I’ve been excitedly researching wedding colours for 2018 and thought I would do a blog post and share my  makeup ideas that’ll tie in beautifully with the latest colour trends . I want all my brides to look breathtakingly stunning and to feel amazing and confident on their special day. Dusty Pink      One of the most popular colours I have seen running through the trends is dusty pink. This gorgeous shade of pink is such a romantic colour which will go beautifully with green,white/cream and lavender for a dreamy look or team it... View Article


Happy New Year you lovely lot!! I hope you all had a great christmas and I can imagine a lot of you are diving in to your new year resolutions. I’m certainly trying to but I do feel knackered from Christmas, working late nights, or either one of the kids being ill, that I quite frankly just want to veg out on the sofa and watch Ragnar Lodbrok shake his stuff in Vikings ( totally worth a watch if you have Amazon Prime). I am listening to my body and taking the time to rest but also pushing myself in... View Article

Clean Beauty Co beauty serum workshop

I was hunting for natural skin care on the net one rainy afternoon and stumbled across Clean Beauty Co’s website. As soon as I read some of their blog posts and what their company was about I was hooked. Elsie and Dominika have always had a love for fitness and wellness, and started off writing a blog in 2014 about how to make your own natural beauty recipes from products you have in your kitchen cupboards. They now have their own line of yummy natural products and hold amazing workshops teaching you how to make your own serums and skin... View Article