Why I prefer natural and organic products

Hi beauties I said that I would do a blog post about why I want to change over to the green side of beauty so here we are…. I’ve been interested in natural and organic products for a few years now but have only really been using it on myself rather than adding them to my make up kit. It’s only been since last year that I feel that I want to change my kit over, the green world is booming now and there is so much brilliant skin loving make up and skincare to get your hands on. I... View Article

How I helped my eczema

Trying to cure eczema is incredibly hard because there are so many different factors that can cause it. It could be your diet, beauty products, household products, stress, and much more so trying to pin point it can take a long and painful process. When I went back to college in my early 20’s I became so stressed trying to do my work, working 4 days a week, stress in my personal life but also still loving my party life style that I had an outbreak on my face. I remember waking up one morning and catching my reflection in... View Article

Get a better night’s sleep.

We all know that sleep is extremely important to heal our bodies and balance our minds and I don’t know about you, but when I don’t sleep I turn into a crazy forgetful person. It’s also incredibly important to help slow down the ageing process- we should all be getting  7-8 hours per night. Benson Beds did a study on a group of women and compared the difference in their skin after having 8 hours a night for 5 days, and then 6 hours a night for 5 days. After having 6 hours a night for the week their skin... View Article