Couleur Caramel blushes

I was scrolling through my blog posts the other day and suddenly realised that I hadn’t written a blog post about make up! So I thought I would whip up a quick one about the new blushers that I bought a couple of months ago from the natural and organic brand Couleur Caramel. As you may or may not know, I am slowly adding natural and organic brands to my kit- I believe that it’s so much better for our health, and actually a lot of big companies still test on animals which I believe is wrong. Why can’t they test it on humans? Surely it says a lot about the ingredients if they feel the need to test it on animals first? Ok, I need to stop my ranting…for now!

Blusher is the one make up item I could not live without. It instantly brings life to my face so naturally I was on the hunt for some new blushers and spoke to an amazing make up artist who also uses clean products about what she would recommend. She was so incredibly helpful and friendly, and recommended the blushes from Couleur Carmel which was a brand that I wanted to try out anyway so now I had the perfect excuse!

Couleur Caramel is a natural, mineral and certified organic brand from Paris and I think they are very reasonably priced compared to other brands too. I love that their motto is RESPECT! They respect their clients’ beauty and health as well as nature and animals. All of their packaging is made out of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, so they are looking after our planet too- lots of clapping from me right now. You can check out more about them here.

They have 4 choices of powdered blush, I choose “Peach” and “Fresh Pink” as I feel they are the most flattering choices for the skin tones that I mainly work with.




The top one is Fresh Pink which is great for a lot of skin tones and the one underneath is Peach which really complements skin if it has yellow undertones. Both of the blushers have great pigment so you don’t need a lot on your brush and they have a matte finish. I like to have a little bit of a glow so I’ll use my Inika’s light reflecting cream underneath or just add a touch of highlighter on my cheek bones. The blushes both come in cardboard packaging so if that bothers any one you can always buy an empty magnetic palette which are handy for sticking in a couple of make up items that you can chuck in your handbag. Try the Z palette, they come in different sizes to fit your needs…..ok does that sound rude? Or is it just my mind, haha.

I bought them from the very brilliant Glow Organic  which is a natural, organic skincare and make up shop based in Brighton. They are online too and Mel is extremely helpful if you want to ask advice on anything that takes your fancy.