Happy New Year you lovely lot!! I hope you all had a great christmas and I can imagine a lot of you are diving in to your new year resolutions. I’m certainly trying to but I do feel knackered from Christmas, working late nights, or either one of the kids being ill, that I quite frankly just want to veg out on the sofa and watch Ragnar Lodbrok shake his stuff in Vikings ( totally worth a watch if you have Amazon Prime).

I am listening to my body and taking the time to rest but also pushing myself in certain areas of my life. I’ve decided to get back on the yoga bandwagon; I noticed such a difference when I did it back in the Summer but as soon as Autumn hit I stopped and wanted to hibernate…which I did very well. Anyway, onwards and upwards-  the 30 day yoga challenge has started!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to be more decisive because going with the flow in certain situations just kept me in limbo and I began to feel more and more lost within the depth of my mind. You can see on my Facebook page and my Instagram that I love natural and organic products and I was contemplating all last year about whether to keep on buying the mainstream products or to switch over my professional make up kit to the green side of beauty. My decision is to switch over, yayyyy, because it massively fits in with my values. I mainly use natural/organic skincare on myself because I believe it’s much better for our health so why am I painting products that have a number of toxins in their ingredients on to other peoples faces when I don’t believe in it myself (I think I’ll write another blog post on that subject)? It’ll probably be a long process because the cost of replacing a whole new kit is massive and isn’t going to be able to happen straight away which I find frustrating because there are some amazing and beautiful products out there.  I’ll wait until I’ve finished a product or if it’s reached its sell by date then I’ll replace it with some natural goodness or if I find something that I absolutely love then I’ll add it to my collection. Pheww it actually feels good to get it out there!

I also plan to do more blog posts, reviews, tutorials and I am thinking about setting up a youtube channel too!

Do you use natural/organic products? Let me know in the comments!