How I helped my eczema

Trying to cure eczema is incredibly hard because there are so many different factors that can cause it. It could be your diet, beauty products, household products, stress, and much more so trying to pin point it can take a long and painful process.

When I went back to college in my early 20’s I became so stressed trying to do my work, working 4 days a week, stress in my personal life but also still loving my party life style that I had an outbreak on my face. I remember waking up one morning and catching my reflection in the mirror. You know when you have to do a double-take but not in a good way? My eyelids had become so red, sore and inflamed that they puffed out over my eyes and I had a red ring of swelling underneath my eyes too. Now, I know it’s not as bad as having it all over my face but it was definitely enough to knock my self esteem (which wasn’t the best anyway) to the floor. I tried everything I could to get rid of it and covering it up with make up made it look so much worse because it was so dry and flakey.I went to the doctors countless of times to try different creams which usually made it worse! In the process of trying to find something to get rid of it, I was becoming more and more stressed which then led to more eczema to other parts of my face. I then had it on my forehead and bigger patches underneath my eyes- I kind of looked like a red-eyed panda. I think it lasted on and off for about 8 months and then it just started to clear itself up, especially when it hit summer time and I had finished college.

It now comes back to haunt me every time I feel stressed out or when we say goodbye to our sunny months and welcome the cold and dark days. At the end of last year I had hit a low point and yet again the eczema came back but this time round I told myself to remain calmer about it and I also knew the things that made it worse. So I waved goodbye to wine and tried not to eat too much sugary stuff. I’ve also been doing a lot of research into the green beauty world and I fancied seeing if I could help my body from the inside out as it’s pretty much an inflammation within my body caused by emotional stress. Also I didn’t want to apply any cream that contained harsh chemicals in the ingredients list.

So here are the products that I felt helped me-

Weleda  Skinfood 

This brilliant brand Weleda has been around since the 20’s, they first started out in Switzerland, France and Germany but then spread to other countries across the world. They grow and create their own natural and organic skin care products as well as organic herbal medicine. I have to say, their mummy and baby products are gorgeous, I totally recommend them if you are pregnant or have kiddies. I had Skin Food in my cupboard already as it was one of my staples during the winter months. It’s a real multipurpose cream, you could use it as a nourishing facemask, highlighting your cheeks, chapped lips, a make up primer, your cuticles and so on. It contains so many wonderful ingredients in it such as organic chamomile extract, organic calendula, organic pansy extract and organic rosemary leaf extract which all have their own purposeful jobs to do such as healing, soothing and revitalising the skin. If you suffer with dry skin then you totally need to get this cream, it’s brilliant. It’s has such a thick consistency you don’t need a lot of it; I tend to dab it on in the evening after I have cleansed my face or I would use this whenever the eczema on my eyes looked dry and flakey so it stayed with me at all times.


Beauty cheft holiday boost

I stumbled into Content beauty in London (brilliant shop for the organic/natural make up and skin care lovers) on a cold and chilly day and came out with this lovely trio as well as some other lovely goodies. I had wanted to try beauty cheft for quite a while, especially their inner glow powder, but to be honest this was a little cheaper so I thought I would start with this instead. This Australian born brand’s philosophy is ‘beauty begins in the belly’ which may be bizarre to some people but it completely makes sense because what you put inside your body will show on the outside. I know that if I binge out on chocolate/crisps and all the other yummy and not so good for you crap it really shows up in my skin and it also makes me feel sluggish. How much better do we all feel when we up the fruit and veg game! Anyway back to the beauty cheft, the owner Carla Oats has put a lot of research in to her products which are a blend of probiotics and prebiotics, organic and nutrient dense whole foods which strengthen, refresh and rejuvenate the skin inside and out.

I’m not sure if I was meant to take the supplements altogether or one at a time so I thought I would stretch it out and take them one at a time. I started off with the hydration, I mixed two teaspoons of the liquid with water each day in until in ran out. The taste was lovely so there was no need to worry about bitterness! I continued with the collagen and antioxidant drinks, I think all three of them together lasted about 3 weeks and I noticed a big improvement in my skin and the eczema died down too. I also think because I saw an improvement I perked up and that must of helped too! Totally check out this brilliant brand.